-But Who is Richard Long?

My beloved Acham Hellman, that’s a great question.

Richard Long is a British artist representative of Land Art or what is the same of Arte Povera or what is the same Poor Art.

An artist recognized in the most prestigious international contemporary art circles for its innovative interventions in the terrestrial environment and nature.

Some interventions that seek to rediscover the geometry of stones and long walks in the forests of the world, although in some cases the work is far from SUSTAINABILITY concept. Richard Long is the modern little Thumb by Charles Perrault, a child who tries not to miss dropping mayflies and un-perdurable white breadcrumbs in forests and towns stones.

In January 2012 the journalist Lourdes Duran writes in a local newspaper article titled WHAT REMAINS OF LONG.

“I can not imagine someone spents a fortune on a painting and then hang it on a dirty wall, clear that someone will always hang it upside down

Beloved Lourdes, and that´s not all, there is someone who hangs a work in a dirty wall and upside down and abandons it and allows a horrible intervention such as Mr. X interventions and finally works end up occupying a privileged place in the city garbage.

The same happens in Ses Estacions of Palma with Richard Long and his Five Paths or Cinc camins in Catalonian lenguage.

And it probably we will not be able to ever find out the unit cost of the piece, which fall into the larger one, the Ses Estacions cost, of 12.5 million euros. And perhaps we never appreciate the unique sense of an installation which was a strategy designed to a Portuguese Gallery called Mario Sequeiro.  And probably we never understand one installation designed for a protected space that ends up being installed in a public park Majorcan.  And we may never find out why not enjoy the placid and watery vision of a transparent canvas of water, 15 linear meters described by the artist as a beautiful liquid mirror in a Japanese Zen garden.

Maybe they are already too many questions in the air that remain unanswered. Although, maybe and perhaps, we should console ourselves with appreciate a new Ecce Homo of Borja town, although much more expensive than that original Spanish famous intervened.

I think It’s a terrible paradox Do not you think so?

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