Can Sales, May 20, 2016

This morning I wander along Paseo Sagrera, I walk from the old pier to the Torrente de la Riera.

It’s still early and I know, that shortly, thousands of tourists who disembark from the huge cruise ships will invade this promenade, quite full already with at this time of craft stalls.

In the background, unchanged, despite its weight, the gossip Bou of Calatrava protruding from the all city walls; it is a modern flag.

Paseo Sagrera was build a long time ago in one night, on June 23er, 1910. It is a record of the daring architect Gaspar Bennàzar. A team of 200 men turned the ugly lands in a nice walk, with all necessary lamp posts and benches. I read in the old chronicles that when the sun rose and the people of the city contemplated the work of Bennàzar, a lot of congratulations extended through the streets of Palma with a strong and loud applause.

John Ruskin, a British Art Critic, said that architecture is not just a construction technique, it is also Art.

When love and skill work together, we can expect a masterpiece

Gaspar Bennazar enjoyed an extraordinary popularity in the early twenties, everybody called him S’Arquitecte (The Architect) as if there were not another.

A man of eclectic tastes who used stones of Porreras, Santanyi, Binissalem next to iron, glass and ceramics. A slow architect in solving urban projects, as evidenced by the four years that he invested in the development of a Remodeling Project of Palma City, a magnificent Director in the Execution, he never had to correct an error, Bennàzar buildings maintain strength over time. And it was, above all, a man with an extraordinary vision of the future.

In a short time we will tell about the Balearic’s what Clemenceau said about Paris at the end of World War II: get ready, the whole world is going to visit us


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Hola! Soy María Julia, Una arquitecta técnica a la que le gusta el ARTE y escribir; suena raro, lo sé