My Kitsch Kitchen, Palma, June 3rd, 2016

I have passed by “Plaza de las tortugas” so many times I have decided to dedicate it the post of Art and Life in PALMA this week.

These lines are for you! Beautiful!

Any one that wanders around in Palma should know that if you want to go to Borne, either from Paseo Mallorca or from Ramblas, you will end up in a stone obelisk supported by four turtles and topped by a bat; and also with four lion heads spouting water to all cardinal points.

The day I discovered the secret of the fountain, it was a big surprise, it is no called turtles but princess. The city of Palma dedicated this fountain to Queen Elizabeth II when she still was Princess of Asturias. This misunderstanding is not because the secret is hidden, this is not the case. It is explained by a huge plate attached to the front of the monolith stone with very beautiful letters.

Collective forgetfulness about it is due to the date, written in Roman numerals, its inauguration was XXIV July MDCCCXXXIII, and of course, people get lost.

As the ancient Romans were the current British, “with due respect”, they used to make things upside down and counterclockwise to clockwise.

An easy example: when it is more cool for people being as European as Merkel and as American as Obama, the British make a Brexit, which frightens cool people, but it is just short for British and Exit. They only want to make off and keep giving rides alone without worrying about the neighbors and explaining everybody where I go what I do and how I get and spend my money.

As the ancient Romans were stronger than the modern British, they solved the problem immediately, invading, conquering and romanicing the old world. I am one of the lucky ones that can read old plate numbers I see the date is, 24th July 1833.

I do not know if the event took place during the day or at night. Although, it would be important to find out because of the heat, I think.

Sidenote: If any kind reader witnessed the act and wishes to clarify the point of the heat, please any feedback about when it happened is welcome.

On the web I read a story by Robert Graves, that may be true or not, but is very funny, and it is as follows:

The fountain of turtles critizises the Majorcan society of the 19th century.

First, because it is a society that progresses slowly, hence the monolith rests on four turtles. And second, it is an articulated society on a perfect and unalterable verticality and chaired by a profound obscurantism; and so the monolith is crowned by a bat with outstretched wings (in Catalonian we say is una rata penyada amb les ales esteses because it seems more scary than in Castilian or English.

I remember the first night that Acham Hellman whispered to me the story of Nicolau Marieta.

He was an effeminate guy with dyed blond hair and a curl on his forehead like the old Spanish singer, Estrellita Castro, who in the 40s used to sell to the Palma ladies, stockings and Nylon panties manufactured by the American empire. It appears that in the deal was also involved a Franciscan father.


P S: In 1896 in Carrer dels Bastaixos, on the third floor of number 105, a terrible murder took place. The blame, as usual, was jealousy.

About nine months ago

the marriage took place

and because of jealousy

the devil came.

But this, beloved, is a story I tell you maybe later, another day …


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