My Kitsch Kitchen, Palma, June 10, 2016


So I never design a straight line and gradually change directions. Although the circumference ends in ellipse and hyperbola in Parabola.

I do not regret it, what is important is to try, a thousand times, flee straight lines.

For example, yesterday I designed simple curve and suddendy who do I meet? Joana Vasconcelos in the old Horrach Moya Gallery. But who or what is Joana Vasconcelos?

10_06_2016_Croch_ (2)

She is a young Portuguese conceptual artist (we are the same age, more or less, year up year down)and she wants to elevate ordinary objects to the sublime concept of ART. To achieve this, she redesigns Chinese bazaars objects, and transforms them into huge overflowing facilities fabrics, feathers, tiles, sequins, beads, and crocheting.

The artist triumphed at the Venice Biennale 2005 and she was the first woman to exhibit her work at the Palace of Versailles.

The Making of Joana Vasconcelos

It should be clear to everybody that Joana does not work with objects but with Ideas and Concepts. Corny objects like pieces of usual cast of Chinese bazaars are transformed by her hands in incredible kitsch concepts clad in tight crochet corsets. She reinvents the modern bride, the huge lamp of simple tears of Murano glass, she transforms in tears of fascinating tampons or creates her Marylin’s pair of high heel shoes three meters long by four meters wide with millions of Chinese pans (it is an exaggeration, of course) that denounces the oppressive role of women-modern goddess; the Holy Trinity; mother, businesswoman and socialité.

And all this and more, does she do it alone?

Well, yes … she and several architects, engineers, computer specialists, seamstresses, painters…

An authentic Vasconcelos piece must have four requirements:

1. Be Kitsch

2. Be huge

3. Be traditional

4. Be fun.

In Palma we are lucky to see, whenever we want, two Vasconcelos installations in the Hotel Jaime III.

10_06_2016_Joana_Vasconcelos (3)

Another work in Crochet, different but related, is the ambitious project to develop the Dragonera island in 1970. Somebody wanted to build luxury homes, a hotel, a marina and a casino.

Luckily an environmental movement paralyzed the construction several times, and after a rather long legal case, the singular project got abborted.

I decide to conclude this post in an elegant cool way, saying that is woderful that on our Paseo Marítimo, two perfect Gothic buildings remain umperturbed, La Lonja and the Cathedral.




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