Juan March Foundation,
Palma, June 17, 2016

I want to make it clear that I admire a job well done, having said that I want to make it clear that I am not, at all, supporter of war, having said that I want to make it clear that I have friends on both sides, having said that I want to make it clear that I am a crazy fan of dialogue and peaceful coexistence, having said that I want to make it clear that if there is no choice but to die I will always do it with my boots on.

In the Contemporary Art World there are several super warring powers of the type Russia vs United States with its particular cold war.
And there are a lot of Allied Nations, either to Russia or the USA, that not mingle among them. Never.
And there is also another loads of countries that go their own way or free will and that are allied with one side or the other. It depends on the mood they wake up that particular day.
And finally there is the group of bad guys, that the superpowers ignore because they are much stronger, and that spend their existence tug and hunchback Allied Nations and countries that go to their fucking ball.


Antonio López, Figuras en una casa

Carrer dels Bastaixos is the current Jaime II street, a street with thousands of stories where Nicolau Marieta lived some time ago.
It is also a street of famous crimes unresolved, such as the murder of Maria Aguiló, a maiden and goody-goody woman who lived with her mother, a blessed widow, together they run a jewellry shop, while she was improving the noble art of usury.
Poor Maria appeared one day tied up, hung and dead on the floor of the store. The murderer was never discovered.
Conxa Forteza writes in the novel Històries del Carrer (I do a free translation, my apologies to the writer)

“Talking one day with a jeweller friend he confessed to me that he had always suspected who were the killers. He told me that he was still a child when one day he was coming out of the FORN DELS PANERS (It is a Majorca Bakery’s) with her aunt, where they had bought some biscuits and they were walking down the CARRER DELS BASTAIXOS, more or less at the same time that the murder was taking place. They saw two ladies on the street, “butifarras” for more signs, mother and daughter, who were fixing up their clothes as they were leaving the jeweller’s, and they looked nervous. They were well known in the world of the silversmiths for their frequent visits. Their name figured in more than a notebook hidden inside a dark drawer next to the word “DEBT”


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