My Kitsch Kitchen, a place on the planet, July 1, 2016

My nonsenses,

What could a human being write about EL BOSCO that other human being have not written before?

Absolutely nothing.

Unless a human being writes a comprehensive, objective and ordered treatise about the price of Temporary Exhibitions TIKETS and remind to absent-minded that in the Prado Museum it is FORBIDDEN to take selfies with Art Works.

This Prohibition is very logical because fucking Millennials always forget that the mobile camera flash can be disconnected.

I am cutting the edge! In our strange modern world fair pay for sinners.

Instead I thank the super expensive ticket that gives me free access to the Prado Museum and the annex Jeronimos Building. A free addition that I must admit is wonderful but that I wanted to avoid by buying a reduced ticket, but the lady at the box office explained to me, that Prado Museum uses reduced tickets, mostly for any other thing but EL BOSCO Exhibition.

Anyway, as I am a human being and a sensible woman I know that to make a museum tour in only one day is an impossible and un-wise task.

You will understand now that I activated a search periscope to try to make the super expensive ticket worthwhile and spend a day in the Prado without resorting to the classics.

And voila! On the first floor of the Jeronimos building I located a fascinating sign that attracts my full attention on (what comes to be in a New Age Palma Cool Language to do a Mindfulness Meditation.)


Watch out! do not panic! Because until last Monday, when my right ear heard the word Talbotype pronounced my brain ordered my face to become an exact copy of your surprised expression now.

Talbotypes is just something nice that our Brexit neighbors made, and the first technique that reproduces multiple copies of a negative.

The invention just did not work but it was a great step forward for human beings, because it was a invention in the mid of the nineteenth century, and at that time was an extraordinary event.

It is obvious that failed experiments carry a fascinating history.

And I discovered the fascinating history about the Prado Talbotypes while I was getting a cold in an icy room, less than 19 degrees Celsius, and thanks to a security guard, in the Talbotypes exhibition room, who I got friendly with, who whispered to me where I have to direct my steps to add my name in a secret list called “Some very cool itineraries”.

So, I went for lunch and returned to the museum later to finish catching pneumonia and perform a guided visit of the Talbotypes.



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