I love unusual initiatives and  even more, UNUSUAL initiatives related to Culture, Heritage and Creativity.

Thursday 7th, for example, I visited four stately courtyards of Palma,: Can Veri, Can Oms, Cal Comte de la Cova and Cal Marqués de la Torre.

And why? you may ask.

Because thanks to the invitation of @insolitfestival inTwitter I find a very interesting and UNUSUAL proposal, for my Kitsch Kitchen team to perform a different ride:

Rediscovering  Palma Courtyards through a funny and amazing experience designed for all audiences

Is a short Festival of Ephemeral Interventions in Palma courtyards. FOUR Interventions in FOUR Courtyards during FOUR days, from the 6th to the 9th of July.  And besides, if you view all of them and vote the one you like more, you participate in a raffle for two boat tickets  to the island of Menorca.

To take a look


Whenever I travel to the capital city I meet with Mario at the Bar Cock.

Both of us maintain the same ritual, a hug, two kisses and a beloved, how I have missed you.

Then we head to the bar, we greet the rest of acquaintances and drinkers, we sit on a high stool and ask the barman for a special Pisco Sour for each of us. Half an hour later we order another one, but this time with more citrus bitter and less egg.

The barman always invites us to the third, because my friend is a regular client and a little cheeky.

I can say  “My friend is to cocktail parties and cocktail bars like a junkie is to methamphetamine and cocaine

Normally, when Mario invents stories they are funny but sometimes he creates terrible stories and you end the night, crying a lot and very exhausted, using all the tissues and paper napkins you have around.

On Sunday his drunkenness is curious, like the story he tells me, though I doubt it is true.  He tells me slowly and without pronouncing the R, S and J letters, that a winter night  with some friends, Francis Bacon and Jose Capelo, he discovered a secret passage hidden in the fireplace in the lounge opposite.

And he gossips about a fantastic robbery that happened last year, in July. Five original works signed by Francis Bacon were stolen from Jose Capelo´s house.  Around me I hear some hissing tongues saying that the thieves accessed Capelo house a dark night while the engineer was solving matters in London.

In Madrid they call it robbery of the century. The theft was quick and shot made.  Police did not locate Bacon works but a few days later they arrested a well-known Art dealer and his son.  Mario whispers to me that if this art dealer and his son are the people he suspects, they both are clients of Cock.
Suddenly, he says that ArtWork must be ORIGINAL and have QUALITY, DIFFICULTY and CONTENT.

And EMOTION? I ask, What about emotion?

That, beloved, comes when you observe the Artwork for the first time.  The rest, he says, are only MERCHANDISE and MONEY

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