Wise people say that it is a good thing to remain silent. A thing I never do, shut up. I speak as I write, I am a chatter box. I use verbs, subjects, attributes and accessories from the moment I wake up until I go to bed. I also speak in dreams. Verbosity and verbal diarrhoea.

The Equality Float of Thomas Hirschhorn is in Es Baluard Museum.
On Thursday evening a giant installation was landed, so big that it almost does not fit in the Algub. It is a very large, very kitsch, very Chaos and very “Complex” thing.

Equality Float-Thomas Hitschhcon

You realize about its complexity almost in a minute and without ending the way around the installation-object-concept. Because just in the middle of it (it is very ugly) there is a reproduction of the Social Contract by Rousseau and a few meters ahead, the History of madness by Foucault (Beloved, be careful not to confuse him with the Foucault who invented pendulum, because they are different people).

Since Thursday afternoon there is in the Algub, the old water tank of the beautiful Palma Wall, a huge float carnival.
A big, horrible and frightening bright yellow and tacky and out of date Pan Am airlines blue thing with loads of zeal, raffia , duct tape, plastic, paper, markers, foam, cardboard, and philosophy books.

Just to take a look

It is a modern combat-concept between Banality v/s Philosophy.
I read that this artist loves to cross-reference that grow in rhizomes and he is a Prix Marcel Duchamp too.

Thomas Hirschhorn tells us right away: FLAMMABLE MATERIAL OF THOUGHT, announces the giant installation-artifact-object-concept on the front.

I do not know what a rhizome is because I belong to the worst generation of Spanish education system, BUP, but I remember teachers hard, on us teaching long and absurd logic problems.

“If you come by train, you will arrive before six. If arriving by car will come before six. Then, whether you come by train as if you are driving, you will arrive before six”.

Palomas_Ben Jacob

Leaving the museum, in Porta de Santa Catalina, there are two large pigeons of granite, quartz, feldspar and mica, by sculptor Ben Jacober, they observe undaunted two cardinal points.

A long time ago in Palma city was prohibited the fly of pigeons. It was a curious fashion of some citizens whose hobby was flying pigeons and this became a neighborhood problem.

Because the number of pigeons that flew the blue sky of Palma were very numerous and they were causing a lot of damage and destroying the roofs, throwing stones or sneaking into houses without an invitation, all that ending up in terrible neighborhood squabbles even with gunshots.

But keep calm, beloved, because the Attack of the flying Pigeons of Palma City happened in 1760


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