The MiKitschKitchen Team was invited last Tuesday to the presentation of Women of Rome in Caixa Forum.

First of all, the Team would like to inform our followers that we have, democratically and unanimously, rated the Exhibition as a Top Ten.

In the city of Palma we can enjoy until the 9th of October of the seductive, maternal and excessive Roman women. Goddesses, wives, mothers and warriors made of Marble and Italian Terracotta, brought here directly from the Louvre Museum. A fascinating journey through the history of women who loved like crazy, laughed themselves to death and cried inconsolably a long time ago, before suffragists appeared in the Balearic Islands and the French Revolution.

They were the Socialite and Influencer who lived thousands of years ago. Fun gossipers, presumptuous, conceited, intriguing, stirrers, closure, bossy, smart, mischievous, sensitive and sensual women, addicted to Fashion and Trends.

Or have you thought that the ancient goddesses were different from today’s?

El juicio de Paris- Mujeres de Roma

In a first floor room the Judgment of Paris, is exposed, a mosaic of marble, limestone, glass and obsidian.

It tells an Excessive and fascinating story.

You see, Paris was a handsome Trojan prince who fell in love with Helena, wife of the king of Sparta, and also very beautiful. Some may think that this story is super romantic. It is not! It caused a terrible war and it had catastrophic consequences for everybody.

Some may think that Helena was to be blamed for that war, or both of them, Paris and Helena. But it was not so.

It was not Helena’s fault and the proof is that she was the only woman in the story that never gave her opinion. The culprit of this drama and the War of Troy is Paris, which made the most important decisions of his life, with the only male member which you should never rely on to make the most important life decisions.

The problem started a hot day at Mount Olympus when a party was organized on the occasion of a wedding, and Eris, the goddess of Discord, promised to give the golden apple to the most beautiful goddess. In the ancient world the ARTISTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT was super cool and very Fashionable, and so three goddesses competed for the prize: Hera, Athena and Aphrodite.

Zeus, the chief of Olympus (which for a guy to be, was pretty hustler) and father, husband and brother of the three goddesses, washed his hands and left the choice of the most beautiful goddess in the hands of another guy.

And who do you think got lumbered with it?


Of course, the three goddesses spend all the year, sweet talking the Trojan (when women insist on having something they can be tremendous). Hera promised to make him the Master of the world, if he chose her, Athena promised to make him invincible in war and Aphrodite (in my opinion the smartest and more manipulative goddess) promised to make him the lover of the most beautiful woman in the world.

And who do you think fool Paris chose?

After the bad election, came what came and happened what happened. It is the story we know because Homer wrote in two works: the siege of Ilion and the ten-year war and the anger of Achilles and lot of heroes dead and the Trojan horse and the endless trip back home and sirens and cyclops and Penelope waiting for her Odysseus in Ithaca crochet and crochet and Odysseus having sex with all the nymphs of the Adriatic sea.

In short, the typical guys reaction when they get bored and do not know what to do.

-Guys, have you heard? A Menelaus have been cuckolded.

-Don´t bother me! … Well, you know, this weekend I am off to Bilbao, or to San Fermines, but if we have to kill some Trojans, count on me, huh?


On the ground floor a marble statue of Messalina is exhibit. She was a ruthless, predatory and sexually insatiable women. A whore misunderstood, even nowadays.

IMG_4952 (1)

She was the wife of the important stutterer Roman Emperor. Those of you, who read this blog and Robert Graves too, know something about this matter and you would admire with surprise how the antic ironic sculptor represented Messalina like a beautiful and motherly women.

Nearby, there is another woman, she is also “excessive”, Medea. This story is funny and sad, but maybe true. It happened a long, long time ago and…


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