Santa Eulalia Bar, Palma, July 29, 2016


I’m horrified.

Just in front of me I have a Madonna Pokémon at the Show of the MET in New York (it is the Metropolitan Museum).  This woman is older than “Carracuca” (Spanish imaginary character who is very excessive) and ages in an unnatural and strange way, like Donald Trump.

Between you and me (both are super rare Pokémons, are they not?)

Instead the MET is a fascinating Pokéstop that deserves a big applause because it does not depend on government or political influence. Walking through the halls recharges your Poké balls and stumble upon the armor of a Crusader or the funerary mask of an African king or a French cloister dismantled stone by stone in France and reassembled stone by stone in New York or the Great Wave of Kanawaga, which of all waves that exist in the world is my favorite.

In short, the perfect stop for Poké balls and other objects, and escape for a while from the tourists and cruise ships. In Palma there are some Pokéstops like the New York MET.

One is THE WAREHOUSE OF AGE STILL OBJECTS.  Normally this Pokérstop is on the career de Francesc de Borja Moll. It is a shaped container, covered with wooden trusses and Arabic tiles, overflowing to bursting with junk, antiques and hodgepogde. It is a paradise for seekers of rare items, old books and fantastic things that are not Made in China or Made in India or Made in Taiwan. A quiet place to grow old vintage.


David cota´s antiquities

In this cemetery tackle, aging is wonderful because old age is more valuable than youth; although sometimes Nintendo have fun, causing the elderly fall on the same temporal space with rude brats and holed beardless piercings and fans of Madonna and Donald Trump who occupying priority seats on the EMT buses of Palma.

As I am still immersed in antiquities I take this opportunity to greet LOS TERCIOS OF CERVANTES and know THE SPANISH WAY, the road THAT spans through the territories of Italy, France and Belgium. Both are in the carrer Sant Miguel, at the Center for Military History and Culture of the Balearic Islands.

And also because my colleague, Acham Hellman, hallucinates with LOS TERCIOS OF SPAIN and other war stories, and enjoys watching the giant models depicting the Battle of Nördlingen

-BOSSSSSSSSSSS! COME HERE! Do not miss this! Look! On that hill we took the beating to the Swedes. Heh, heh, heh … I remembered it was a hell of a fight and even the French Army got very irritated with us!

And those are pikemans and those behind musketeers, and the houses in the background is Munich and at that elevation we place the cavalry and…


Battle of Nördlingen


The roads used to connect towns and cities, countries and landscapes. The historic roads also unite the people, who walked in the past leaving their mark, and they still do or will do so in the future. That’s the spirit that marked for posterity the Spanish Way, in their different routes, as an example of shared longing of brotherhood among people of very different backgrounds. Ultimately, we are all Europe and we have always been.

P.D: My Pokémon Go Plus bracelet just warn me of the presence of one Pokémon type steel in carrer Font i Monteros 


I leave in a hurry to catch it!


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