My Kitsch Kitchen, a place in the world, 5th of August 2016


In June 2015 I visited Rebecca Horn in La Lonja of Palma, I remembered that was impossible greet her spirits because the installation did not work. Too much sun, somebody said, it was a shame.

I like puzzles, I wrote. Over the years I have become like my idol Miss Marple: a solitary, observant, curious, idealistic and immensely optimistic spinter. At the end of the day, as Agatha said, people are always the same everywhere.

I confess that at this stage of my life I continue in the same position as last year: hooked on puzzles, spirits and ghosts, and preventing the bloody fate run my steps.
Put the Blame on of St. Agustine and his Predestination; a man too old and too sexy.

You must admit that an artistic concept like there is a God who knows from eternity the Fate of the whole universe and every person is bitching, and a bit intimidating.
Still, if you manage to get the hang and admire the entire concept and from the right perspective, it is a fun game. To AVOID FATE, I call it.

On the occasion of the anniversary of the death of our beloved and admired Ramon Llull in Mallorca there are a ton of events.
And which is the latest?
A sample of Contemporary Fine Art in five Palma churches:
Basílica de Sant Francec, Parròquia de Santa Eulàlia, Parròquia de Santa Creu, Església dels Sagrats Cors y Església de la Mare de Déu del Socorro.

So I allow my Fate to take control and suddenly I appear sitting on a bench in Esglèsia dels Sagrats Cors admiring the installation of Concha Jerez.



However with the Installation of Concha occurs the same as it happened last year with the Installation of Rebecca, it does not work.

This time the fault is not the sun but the switch on the side wall of the temple connecting a cable on the floor to the thunderous ambulance siren located just in the center of the installation.

The plug was not connected.

I decided to tell the priest but I saw him super busy, in a side chapel, with a sermon and several parishioners. So I decided to wait sitting on the same bench cooled by a huge fan I let my mind wander and empty in meditation for a while.

I also considered the possibility of interrupting the pleasant Speech and ask the priest to change the position of the plug, that connects the siren that makes a loud noise, from off to on position.
But just when I was going to open my mouth the priest began to unplug the air vents of the temple.

Concha Jerez is a conceptual artist and National Spanish Arts Award 2015 related to the Zaj group, a musical movement of the 70s similar to Fluxus in Germany in which painters, musicians, poets, sculptors and performers participate.
Concha Jerez’s work revolves around the media and denounce that it is involved in a perverse way about people.


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