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I never write about Miquel Barceló. 

At least, I do not in this Blog. A circumstance that is unforgivable, carelessness and neglect on my part because the Majorcan painter is one of my favorite’s.

I am a crazy groupie of Barceló, ergo implies that I have Faith. Ergo, means that either you have Faith or you do not and if you have it, it is impossible to pass it on, to other people around you.

Ok. My faith in Barceló is unbreakable, inflexible and unyielding in Chinerias, El Inferno and his Notebooks of Africa. 

Get to become a fanatical believer is a long, intense and complicated process because it implies that you give a damn about the opinion of others.
In addition, Watercolor is underrated in the Art Market, because it is a difficult technique, that few painters dominate. 

-I am a painter

-Are you really? Then, show the world your watercolor.

For the moment , they do not exhibit  Watercolor

Constellation number 4 . Miquel Barceló, Juan March Foundation. (For the moment, they do not exhibit Watercolor)

Miquel Barceló fascinates me because he was the last ecologist to leave Sa Dragonera Island on 77, exhibited in the legendary Leo Castelli Gallery in New York in the 80s and he coincided with Haring and Basquiat in the Kassel Documenta 82.
One particular year, in Spain, 19 forgeries of Barceló were requisitioned (it is outrageous), later the artist destroyed 11 pretty bad copies, on a bonfire built at the Reina Sofia Museum.

Discussed in the underworld of the Art market during the 90’s a savvy “artist” manufactured a lot of counterfeit Barceló workpieces to sell them to naives who paid about 120,000 euros for each of them.

The police investigated the matter but they could not catch anyone, neither the forger or the dealer or the gallery owner.

And it is well known that the Art market is full of fakes hanging in Museums and Galleries around the world.

In Vienna, for example, the Museum of Art Fake, exposes false paintings of forgers, as Han van Meegeren, Eric Hebborn, Tom Keating, Elmyr de Hory, David Stein, Konrad Kujau, Edgar Mrugalla, Malskat Lothar and Tony Treto

And by the way, you should also look at other work of copyists, as Schiele, Klimt, Rembrandt, Matisse and Chagall.

At this point it is important to make clear that in THE ART MARKET the artistic concept to copy another one is known as ART IDENTICAL FORGERIES.

P.D: I remain everybody that the COPY OF ARTWORKS is legislated.

A small notice to people who want tochange their careers after reading this post:

The copy of artworks is a very dangerous act, especially for the counterfeiter who has no idea of how to paint and draw properly.


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