My Kitsch Kitchen, Palma, August 18, 2016

Strolling through Palma is ALWAYS a surprise.

For example, yesterday I suddenly bump into Wolf Vostell, at the top of Jaime III Street. He was accompanied by a woman with sculpted body who was too serious for my taste. She spoke very little. She is called NIKE.

It was obvious that the girl was German, famous and she was wearing the costume of the Victory of Samothrace.

I remember months ago, in the DAY OF MUSEUMS, I was about to fly off to visit the Vostell MALPARTIDA Museum. I had to cancel the plan because the communications between the island of Majorca and Caceres were very bad. It was a pity.

On May 18 I wrote on the Blog:

The Vostell Malpartida Museum exhibits the work of Wolf Vostell, which was a precursor of the Fluxus movement, the Happening, video art and technique Décollage.

The most impressive work outside the exhibit, a large sculpture made of a Russian aircraft fuselage, two cars, several computer screens and three pianos.  

The name of the sculpture? Are you sitting? Are you not? Well, sit

Why the process between Pilate and Jesus lasted only two minutes?  


In Palma Wolf made it easier because NIKE is the name of the Greek goddess of victory, and sports competitions and military (Nike, sports, athletics, Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Rafael Nadal …Do you understand anything?

However I think that the Victory of Samothrace outside the Louvre Museum and ancient Greece is a cheesy lady.


In a village from La Alcarria, whose name I could not ever remember, there was a roundabout displaying a life-size copy of Victory of Samothrace installed in the center of the roundabout. I could never get used to his sudden early-morning vision; the lady is cheesy and pretentious. The feeling I had with her is the same when I see the Puppy of Guggenheim Museum at Bilbao.

Surfing the web I locate a super cool video of Fluxus FESTIVAL 62.

An exclusive video for people who love culture because the rest should abstain to watch it. This is not an advice.

Hey! Note that the Fluxus movement is the opposite of Duchamp Ready Made. But it is better if we discusse the thorny issue another day, we should not heat up the atmosphere too much.

Near NIKE there is a sculpture of Beverly Pepper, an Artist representative of LAND ART. The artist have spent more than four decades working in the sculpture, because the young girl was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1922.

During the 70’s she developed an artistic concept known as EARTHBOUND SCULPTURES. A pretty fashionable concept that is very difficult to translate into Spanish but it means that something as poetic as sculptures are born from earth and rise into heaven (more or less)

Beberly projects are specific to incorporate industrial materials such as cast iron, stainless steel, bronze or stone, the landscape.
Another link for people who love and are passionated about ART.

Nothing to do with Robert Lang and his Ephemerals and Performed Five Paths in the Parque de las Estaciones of Palma.

Beloved, Don´t you think the paradoxes of Art World are fascinating and very, very cool?


Beberly Pepper-Earthbound Sculpture


I am often stop on the street and asked:


-Who is Acham Hellman?

And, I always answer the same:

-Acham Hellman is a DEVIL

So, most people laugh and show their surprise, raise their right or left eyebrow and twists their nose. Some accompany their hilarity by saying:

-Okay, sweetheart, Today is the world’s Day of the joke, right?

-No, sweet angel, I am telling you the truth.

I swear by Allah (which is always the largest, of course) that Acham Hellman is an authentic evil. A son of Beelzebub, nephew of Lucifer, cousin of Satan and brother of Leviathan.

A clever, shrewd and smart guy.

He runs with tenacity the Photography Department of MI KITSCH KITCHEN. He is a hellish director infinitely worse than Steve Jobs. He compensates his black arts with an incredible opportunity to lead and convince his followers and detect the moments when he should disappear. The guy is able to observe the problems from the proper distance and set the appropriate action to resolve the worst technical problems.

Acham is handsome, cultured, elegant and sophisticated. A dangerous and friendly Casanova who likes to live very well.

A fan of the indie-rock music, Start Track and the Surrealists. Our friend loves palms black chocolate, Japanese prints, the classics of the Golden Age and the black novel. I can affirm, because I know him very well, that the photographer of MI KITSCH KITCHEN is the opposite of the cold apocalyptic beast with seven heads and ten horns, and on each horn ten diadems, with body of a leopard, bear paws and jaws lion that the Hollywood movies sell us.



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