Bar Linch, Palma, August 26, 2016

Anyone crossing the courtyard of the Casal Solleric, until 18th September, meets the Exhibition Back to the island.

It is not a Balearic island it is any other. This island was designed by a martyr, a fervent Christian canonized and sanctified by the Catholic Church. A man who was essentially good but his life today will be judged as NOT PC.

Come on! A very scary man for the average people because instead of going to the beach with Burkini enjoyed going for Mass and Communion every Sunday.

A very freaky geek named Thomas More.

A man who was executed for not refusing the Pope, and above all, oppose a divorce. As you can see! What a jerk! … VERY and SUPER ancient and old-fashioned, for many.

Thomas More was an eccentric guy, and to tray to convince him was like talking to a brick wall. An idealist convinced that the system does not work but if HUMANITY will make some small sacrifices, it could change.

A free thinker; theologian, humanist and politician. Come on! … what I had been writing all the time: A GEEK.


My reflection in the store window of Toni Amengual

What´s the masterpiece of Thomas More?


79 pages in my e-book written in 1516 to tell everybody the social problems of Humanity, apparently it remains the same.

I am of the stupid opinion that to avoid mentioning and exhibiting the profoundly Christian sense of Thomas More and its island of Utopia is something very absurd, but apparently I am one if the few who thinks this, so I’ll shut up and stop talking and writing about this complicate issue, NOT PC and hurt too many sensitivities that are so different from mine (I think in Europe and happy Brexit island it is NOT proper to fuel the fire).

However, as the God of Jerks is obstinate to direct my steps day-to-day, I can not mislead Suzanne Treister (circumstance that I will thank him a lot, later and privately) and discover an artistic concept called TECHNOGAIANISM: a movement that supports the power of technology to restore the environment of the earth.

And as to contemplate the magical Tarot and creative madness of Treister is a hyper funny hippy experience and highly recommended, I get the most out of it.

Does the Death card? John Von Neumann, a participant in the Manhattan Project (This project so cool was invented by the Americans to design the atomic bomb that killed millions of people).

And the Magician card? Timothy Leary, a psychologist and defender of the spiritual therapeutic use of LSD and candidate for governor of California against Ronald Reagan, with the slogan “Come together, join the party”.

And the Hermit? This is great, you see…

Theodore Kaczynski, a misunderstood genius graduated from Harvard who opposes the development of technology and modern society. A mad who was sending letter bombs with the nickname Unabomb and drove FBI crazy, and if his brother Kaczynski would have not betrayed him, he could still be sending hidden bomblets in sealed envelopes one day and other day too (anyway, and it is just between us … frickin with Cain, or not?).

Merci, Lady Treister. It had been an immense pleasure to meet you and your Hexen 2.0, of course.


An envelope to be open

P.D: Speaking of sealed envelopes … it took some courage for me to open an envelope! I must admit.

A security guard explained to me that the Espai Born is closed due to technical problems, I have no choice but to comfort the spirit photographing my reflection in the store window of Toni Amengual.

I die being a good servant to the King’s but God’s first.


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