Mi Kitsch Kitchen, Palma, August 2, 2016

Yes, yes.

The great representative of Surrealism is Salvador Dali, the genius of Figueras. A clever, smart and bright guy, and a big genius with pencil and brush. And inventor of lobster shaped telephone and Mae West’s lips sofa, a bitching chick.

An American actress and screenwriter considered to be outspoken and insolent because she used a lot of swearwords and did what she wanted.

One day Mae West run into Cary Grant

-Who is him, she asked?

-Him? Ah! is Cary Grant, he is acting in Madame Butterfly.

– For me as if he is filming Snow White, if he can speak I’ll take him.



Father Forteza Sermon at the Cathedral, last Sunday



  P.D: Friends!

The new school year begins, which means the summer c’est fini and we have to say good bye to holidays, naps, beaches and stop being idle.

It´s too bad! I know, I Know… We are forced to return to the daily grind to produce money to laze next year.

Come on babies! We are Champions! Besides, in a few days the Happy Christmas will came, and before them, happy Halloween and happy Black Monday and happy Ciber Friday. Confidentially, I know the bosses are preparing a special surprise for us, one super happy day: the Trick Saturday.

But beloved, be careful! We have to get to these Happy Days very healthy and Intact.

So from now on we may break our back in a gym, collect a lot of credit cards and watch every Advertising on TV.

Acham Hellman´s advice







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