La Penya, Sa Pobla, September 9, 2016

Yesterday I read this headline in Diario de Mallorca:

Cort to protect the Long’s sculpture and does not rule out “a safer location”

They are excellent news; and the team of Mi Kitsch Kitchen is super happy about it; we wish to congratulate Cort for the wise decision of protecting the sculpture of Richard Long.

But on the other hand, it would be better not to take the plunge, mess about and get into stride.

Which means that to move the Richard Long sculpture to a safer location will be much better.

And perhaps, maybe, and probably some people in the future will enjoy an artist representative of LAND ART and get amused with the placid and watery vision of a transparent canvas of water, 15 linear meters, described by the artist as a beautiful liquid mirror in a Japanese Zen.

So, we paste the link “But what about Richard Long in the Parque de las estaciones”? published on May 17, 2016 on this thorny issue, should someone like to think about it.

The tremendous paradox of Richard Long


The beginning of the school year gets complicated, if you start it wandering on the poor, abandoned and ugly Riera. Because walking forces you to think, and thinking to meditate, and meditating to consider whether or not to return to the winter extracurricular activities school, you left during the summer (which are super exhausting and stressful) and that each year grow exponentially thanks to the sadistic invention of summer holidays and new PURPOSES.

For example, this September in Mallorca two absolutely UNMISSABLE ANNUAL EVENTS: Les Converses Literaries on the Formentor Hotel, on 16, 17 and 18 of September, and the Palma Nit de l’Art, on 17 September will take place on the same dates. As they are two fantastic purposes Mi Kitsch Kitchen has decided to call MARVEL and try to be a SUPERHERO.

Why have we decided to call MARVEL?

Because it is very difficult for us to be in two places at the same time and because to divide a photographer into two parts is never easy.

But the photographer is a demon from the underworld with an incredible ability to levitate, read minds and speak dead languages.

An awful coincidence!

On 48 weekends and 365 days in a year would it be too complicated not to plan them at the same time, don´t you think?


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