My Kitsch Kitchen, Palma, September 16, 2016


Yesterday a friend of mine asked me the name of a Conceptual Artist who hallucinate me.

Ai Weiwei, I answer immediately.

I think that he is the DADA of this century. A social and political agitator who masters perfectly ART OF THE MASSES while maintaining a total lack of style.

A sublime and magnificent conceptual artist.

He has just hanged some lifeboats to the Palazzo Strozzi in Florence to raise awareness in HUMANITY on the issue of migration. The question is whether this brutal intervention RAISES AWARENESS, IN THE PART OF HUMANITY LIVING WELL, THAT THERE IS ANOTHER PART OF HUMANITY THAT LIVES VERY BAD BECAUSE OF HUNGER, WAR AND THE HUMANITY LIVING WELL.

At the moment Ai Weiwei have got Florentines pissed off decorating their beautiful Renaissance palace with these hideous and tacky lifeboats.

Maybe it would be advisable not to rant too much and try to make an effort to understand the Florentines brothers. I propose you a mental exercise, quite easy: close your eyes and imagine those same lifeboats hunging on the facade of our beautiful Cathedral.

What? ¿Is it COOL or not?

On the other hand this morning I woke up with some really shocking news, that caught me by surprise, newly awakened and super hallucinated: Antonio de Felipe, the most famous representative of Spanish Pop Art decided “to shut himself in his study” and not close his retrospective exhibition at the Boca Calvari Museum of Benidorm on September 25.

It is fortunate that the dramatic news reached the coast of Mallorca in good time for the Community Manager of Mi Kitsch Kitchen to find out and cancel the air tickets Palma-Alicante-Palma and car rental Alicante Airport-Benidorm-Alicante Airport, without penalty.  I also understand that the dramatic news generate a ton of questions that have no answers.



The digital newspaper El Español develops the drama: The cause of the terrible depression of the Valencian artist is Fumiko Negishi, a Japanese artist, daughter and granddaughter of painters and disciple of Mitsuo Miura, who states that she is the painter of at least 200 works singed by the famous and quoted Spanish artist.

I Transcribe the exact words of the newspaper (well, they do not exactly because the original words were written in Spanish and I need to translate then to English and maybe the final CONCEPT is lost).

She says softly, without a hint of arrogance, but firm: “I can prove what I say. It is very easy: if he paints one of them you will see how he does not know. You’ll see how he will not make realistic picture from now.  

And the CONCEPT? I wonder now.

Who of two painters designed the CONCEPT? Was the Valencian or the Japanese? Because that is the crux of the matter, or not? The concept, the concept, the concept and the concept.

So to eliminate this tremendous stroke of conceptual indigestion I decided to go and say hello to my old friend, Jose Victoriano González-Pérez at the Juan March Foundation. He is a Cubist painter who has the misfortune of dying of tuberculosis and years later a public Museum in Paris made a retrospective of his work.


Juan Gris, Carafè et bol, 1916 – Juan March Foundation


A guy of the old school that besides having talent and great ideas, designs and draws on paper. He signs with the gloomiest pseudonym of the art world, Juan Gris, even the Google server dedicated him a super curious doddle in 2012.

And a little later, to finish raising the morale of my little pale tormented self-esteem I visit again Women of Rome in CaixaForum, and greet the Muses and a hermaphrodite.


Hermafrodite. s.II d.C, Rome-Caixa Fórum, Palma


The Hermaphrodite legend is very cool, you see:

A nymph falls in love with a handsome guy (very similar to the 50 Shades of Grey) but the guy ignores her. Then the nymph, who is dumb and very desperate, asks for help to the Romans gods to try to get the guy’s love and to live together happily for ever and ever all weary eternity.

And what do you think happen? What always happened in the antiquity world because the Roman gods have a particular way to help you.

And the gods united them forever, but forever and ever and ever.


P.D: I read Alec Baldwin got pissed off with a New York gallery owner who sold him a work by American artist Ross Bleckner as an original, but it seems the work is not.

Although after I watched the work for a long time I think it is very strange that Alec spent a bundle of dollars on this tacky thing at all.


We want to take this opportunity to inform our readers that finally and thankfully the director has returned from his summer holidays and is again firm and soldiered commanding Mi Kitsch Kitchen.


The direction.

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