Mi Kitsch Kitchen, Palma, 21st October 2016


The most handsome and sophisticated South Seas Pirate is in Palma! Acham Hellman, runs into Mi Kitsch Kitchen, shouting like a mad man while throwing the backpack with the new Canon Mark IV, on the table and spilling Mario Huaman Salazar cup of coffee and getting pink A4 papers dirty.



The Comic Nostrum Festival will be held in Palma of Majorca, from the 19th to 25th of October of 2016. This year the Sea and Corto Maltese are going be the main protagonists of the new edition of the Majorcan comic festival.

For those of you who do not know Corto Maltese I will say that he is one of the last romantic heroes, a powerful and attractive guy. A sailor born on the island of Malta in 1887 to an English father and a Seville mother known as the little girl from Gibraltar.

In Cordoba, Spain, a rabbi introduced him to the study of Kabbalah and the Talmud, then he traveled through Egypt, Manchuria, West Indies, Russia, Venice and Argentina, trying to find the lost treasure of King Solomon, met Stalin and some famous bandits of the Far West, and even got engaged in the actions of the IRA against the British army.

When he was a child, a gypsy friend of her mother, read Corto Maltese hand lines and she discovered that he had no line of fortune, so Corto incised the line himself with his father’s razor blade, but he does not like anyone to see.

Corto Maltese adventures came out of the pen and imagination of Italian artist Hugo Pratt between 1960 and 1989. Two years ago, the scriptwriter Juan Díaz Canales and artist Ruben Pellejero recovered the mythical sailor on a new adventure, Under the midnight sun, published in 2015 by Norma Editorial. In this adventure part of the action takes place in the Artic during the World War I.
In this edition of Comic Nostrum in Ses Voltes, the artists: Ruben Pellejero, Diaz Canales (National Comic Prize), Pierre Alary, David B, Teresa Valero and Kaz, one of the draftsmen of Bob Sponge are exposing.



Corto Maltese on a new adventure “Under the mightnight sun”



P.D: I read a recent interview with Gloria Steinem, an important American feminist activist

“Some women refuse to use the expression “feminist” because they do not know what it really means. The word has been demonized, and is though to mean going against men. If you go to the dictionary and see that only it means believing in the equality of men and women, they would think differently. However, if internalized the system of male dominance, they may think that the only way forward is to accept that women are secondary, so they are afraid of identifying themselves with other women.


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