Cafe Bianco, Palma, November 4, 2016
A triviality,

If I had to choose a Concept of Art COOL & DESTROYER to serve as an introduction to the post, it would be:

“Sometimes the Art Market fails to fool the Art World, and then, it whack”.

In 1990 the People’s Collector landed in Mallorca with 180 works from his private art collection. They were paintings and drawings by Picasso, Van Gogh, Zurbaran, Miró, Tàpies, Kokoschka, Braque, MotherweIl, Chagall and Benjamin Palencia, among others.

The pictures would decorate the walls of the Casal Solleric in Palma during a season.
The People’s Collector is the nickname of Paco Moré (a painter from Elche, Spain) that was rubing shoulders with the best of the Art Star System and had one of the most important private collections of the twentieth century.

Paco Moré acquired his fantastic art collection in only 30 years and reached Palma thanks to a Spanish Savings Bank, sadly deceased.
The unauthorized biography of the People’s Collector is an amazing fairy tale with many goblins, witches and dragons. I summarize only the most curious part: he spent time between France and Holland, living a crazy life and traveling around the world, he was a student of Braque and a friend of Pablo Picasso.

In the late 80’s he returned to Alicante in order to donate his art collection, 400 works, more or less, to the Spanish State; and incidentally, earn a bundle of trillions with the transfer of rights.

But the business went to hell in Palma when a clever civil servant with the help of the Valencia Institute of Modern Art discovered that the works were false, and when a Majorcan collector who visited the exhibition called it a Joke, and when an art restorer who liveed on the island described the drawings as the work: “of a Student of Fine Arts”.

Can you imagine if the Business had succeeded?
Right now, we could be in the Paco Moré House Museum, looking at a bright Van Gogh donated by lady XXX from Holland or the magnificent Zurbarán acquired from an anonymous married couple from Teruel or the beautiful lost harlequin painted by Pablo Picasso in 1923.

Sin título.png

P.D: My friend Mr. MB says that the sculpture in front of Saratoga Hotel in Palma is by Manuel Hernandez Mompó, one of the most important figures of Spanish abstraction of the 50s.
I do not question, my friend, Mr. MB, his an expert in Abstract Art, that is true.
But if someone reads the post and does not agree with the statement of Mr. MB and wants to refute it, you can.

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