Via Sindicato, Palma, November 11th, 2016

A triviality,

The most famous forger of the Art World is undoubtedly Elmyr de Hory.

Beloved, there is a curious and funny urban legend saying that Elmyr’s fakes are spread throughout the most important private collections and museums of the world prassing as real Picasso, Modigliani and Van Dongen works.

-But is that possible?

-I don’t know … .maybe, has not Donald Trump won the elections in the USA?


Elmyr de Hory painted more than a thousand forgeries although he always swore he did not sign them. His life was a novel, listen,: an aristocrat, who perhaps was not, who lived in Hungary, France and Spain, who perhaps did not, Picasso’s friend, who probably was, who spend the last sixteen years of his life attending to parties in Ibiza, what he did and there are graphic documents to prove it, where he was associated with two young swindlers, Legros and Lessard, in charge of selling his work around the world, which he did and it is super confirmed in Wikipedia.

The fame of Elmyr de Hory became world-wide when Clifford Irving dedicated him the book Fake! And then when he appeared in the documentary F for Fake by Orson Welles.

The big scandal broke out in 1967 when USA oil tycoon Algur Hurtle Meadows, founder of the Virginia Meadows Museum in Dallas, suspected some thing fishy was going on in his magnificent collection and asked five experts to find the cake.

The result of the investigation? 44 works were not original.

Elmyr de Hory commited suicide in the island of Ibiza on December 11th, 1976 after receiving the news of his extradition to France to be tried for falsification. But, beloved, the legend says that he did not, that Elmyr de Hory run away and remains hidden … and continues painting.

-But is that possible?

-I don’t know … Maybe, has not Donald Trump won the elections in the USA?


On the other hand, yesterday I returned for the third time in a year to the Parque de las Estaciones in Palma to observe the unstoppable advance of the Vandalic Intervention on the Majorcan Fifth Paths of Richard Long. After looking at the amazing pile of stone accumulated on the gray concrete slab surrounded by a parterre, I think that perhaps it is time to call a Workshop for a group of experts to design a feasible and economical solution to solve the cumbersome matter of The Mallorcan work of the British representative of the Art Land..
Because It´s a shame to look at the current state of the installation!

Separador 0000003

P.S: Last Wednesday the exhibition “Engraving today in Mallorca and other graphic techniques” was inaugurated at the Center of History and Military Culture of the Balearic Islands. An interesting route through some engraving techniques such as woodcutting, engraving, embossing, additive techniques and photopolymer.





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