Casal Solleric, Palma, December 16th, 2016

A triviality,

This week I bumped into Peter Parker in the dumbest way you could imagine.

An encounter that turned out to be a catastrophic success because, because of the arachnid adolescent, I arrived late to my six o’clock appointment, causing that the person I had de appointment with, to get into a bad mood and so throwing me up an evil eye.

Beloved, Spiderman is installed in the Casal Solleric of Palma until the 8th of January. Well, to be exact who has been settled is the illustrator of the comic, Steve Ditko.

I am a cartoonist in the comic book business, not a performer or personality in show business. When I do a job, it is not my personality that I´m offering the readers but my art work. It´s not what I´m like that counts but what I did and how well it was done. I produce a product, a comic art story.

Steve Ditko is the brand name. I make no mystery of what I do and where I can properly explain why I do it. If a person knows what and why´s, he knows all about the “who” that is important to know.

Steve Ditko.”

Ditko Unleashed. An america Hero- Casal Solleric, Palma

And also this week I checked how the ART with capital letters is to be congratulated: An unpublished Velázquez revolutionized the Prado and a Parisian auction house discovered a new drawing of Leonardo Da Vinci.


The unpublished Velázquez is a portrait of Felipe III of Spain. A picture that belonged to the Hispanicist William B. Jordan that had come to his hands when a cloudy day of 1988 William bumped into a catalog of a London auction house, in the dumbest way you could imagine.

The Prado experts have no doubts that this painting is a preparatory work by Velázquez for the canvas La expulsión de los moriscos, a canvas that is not preserved because it was destroyed in the fire of the Alcazar of Madrid.

Separador 0000003

The Leonardo da Vinci, on the other hand, belonged to a retired doctor. Ah! You exclaim very surprised. But is it important that the doctor is retired to find a Leonardo in the attic? You ask.

Yes, it is very important, at least for The New York Times that hung on Twitter: “A retired doctor visited a Paris auction house in March with a portfolio of drawings”.
The story of this Leonardo is very curious: when the Director of the Department of MASTER WORKS of the Paris Auction House observed the drawing he inmediately called a workmate to asked him for a second opinion; When the colleague, an independent expert, saw the picture, stated without hesitation that the drawing hand belonged to a left handed person (Yes, beloved, the great Leonardo was left-handed). And to finish off this astounding discovery they discovered two small scientific drawings on the back of the sheet accompanied by inscriptions in ancient Italian (the Italian spoken by the Renaissance guys).


And to finish this amazing week, Borja Thyssen retired “In Extremis” (A dog Latin expression that means: an hour before the auction in Christie’s) the picture Una mujer y dos niños junto a una fuente attributed to Francisco Of Goya, a gift he received from his adoptive father, the baron.

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