Mi Kitsch Kitchen, Palma, 30 del 12 del 2016

A triviality,

In the end, it is the painting in the attic of Toulouse a Caravaggio or is not?

Do you Remember?

I mean the painting in the attic

Do not you remember?

Well then, you should transport yourself to the last summer, when art critic Eric Turpin announced to the world that a painting found in a Toulouse attic was painted by Caravaggio. 

Mi Kitsch Kitchen must admit that the painting looks very good.

Beloved, would you prefer if I begin this Caravaggio story from the beginning? Close your eyes and visualize a Rock & Roll star, but a famous and violent, unsociable and mocking, who goes crazy with psychotropic drugs, alcohol and street fights.

Have you already focused?

Well, now imagine the famous artist who sings and composes like the angels and who is admired and followed by millions of fans.

Because something similar was Michelangelo Marisi da Caravaggio, a painter with an incredible talent, and a liar, thing, drunk and murderer. An f***er nicknamed the antichrist of painting. 

He was the most famous painter in Rome. A genius of martyrdoms, beheadings and murders, who was worn in his time, the wonderful Italian Baroque.


deceased Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou. 

Who has died?

Wham! Soloist.

George Michael has died in a Victorian mansion on a small London street corner with The Boltons. It is South Kensinghton.

The star rarely came out, had gained weight, and only wanted the company of his dogs. No one could visit him, not even his friends.

Separador 0000003 

PS: Mi Kitsch Kitchen continues to analyze, in detail, the figure of Judith of the attic. The editor, Acham Hellman, just sent the following wasap from North Korea:

Attention team!

Investigate Judith, she seems Artemisia Gentileschi.





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