Saratoga, January 12th, 2017

A triviality,

Sitting down to write the weekly post, next to a newspaper with the headline, “Trump against the world” was quite dangerous. Just in case, I turned down the newspaper to avoid the aggressive headline and maintain my excellent Mindfulness state.
However, the fucking back cover was even worse, Gallego & Rey built their sketch, full color, with a huge American flag and a platform, from where a caricature of Donald Trump launched the world the following sandwich: YES, WE MEIN KAMPF.

Just about to finish the day I read that the CIA claimed that the Russians spied on Donald Trump, that the Russians answered they didn´t even talk about it and that Donald Trump, a guy who never shuts up, remained angry and was sending spies to the shit because he said nobody spied on him.
It is curious, one of the most important avant-garde of the XX century is the RUSSIAN CONSTRUCTIVISM.
Beloved, we should not forget that much of the twentieth century was written by Marxist philosophy. It is that old story of giving up ART for ART, stop producing useless things, build a new society, develop projects to meet social needs, reject the decorative and superfluous, and bla bla bla…

I recognize that it is hard to admit but … Russian Constructivism was the father of advertising and modern industrial design.

Separador 0000001

And in Palma where we could admire something of CONSTRUCTIVISM?

On the terrace of the Es Baluard Museum, where the sculpture Carpe Diem II by Eugénio López and the Hillargia of steel cut by Jorge Oteiza rest.
Eugénio is an Asturian resident in Menorca, a geometric constructivist. In contrast, Jorge is one of the highest exponents of the Basque school of sculpture, a Soviet constructivist.

P.D: My Kitsch Kitchen recommends its readers, who are addicted to movies and good science-fiction, not to see Passengers.
Come on! Why?
Because it is rubbish. You will throw away your money, and you will be angry. The first half is an unbearable copy of Robinson Crusoe and the second part a sickly-sweet reproduction of the Titanic, in spite os both copies happen inside a spaceship.


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