My Kitsch Kitchen, Palma, February 6th, 2017

A triviality,

It is difficult to discribe.

Beloved, let me explain it: The story began on January 21th when I read in a local Newspaper the following paragraph:

“Marta Pujades has won (12,000€) thanks to “Nosaltres”, an “original way of approaching the construction of identity” according to the jury of a competition.

WOW! What is this? Something cool, trendy irreverent and amusing? Did the paper include this deliberately?
Last Friday night, before dinner at the Bosch Bar, before attending the Principal Theater to see the Spanish actress Concha Velasco as Queen Juana, before having a shaved at the Barber´s of Gelabert de Centelles street, before eating the menu of the day at El Viejo y el Mar in Aragon street, I stoped in the Casal Solleric to take a look at Nosaltres, the 2016 visual arts award of the city of Palma.


Nosaltres-Marta Pujades

And what do you expect me to tell you? How excited you get when contemplating the Luis XIV of Gian Lorenzo Bernini, one of the best pieces in marble of the baroque period? How you weep at the memory of the death of the last Bourbon of France? That was a time when they fought to death for the concepts of Liberté, Egalité and Fraternité? That Donald Trump is a Yuppie of the 80′? By the way, have you read Bret Easton Ellis‘ American Psycho? Well, please, do it.

Ok! I know, I am exaggerating a little bit, as always, but not so much, The Casal Solleric does not have the original of Versailles but they have a huge paper copy made in pastel by Kepa Garraza.


Luis XIV-Kepa Garraza

Luis Capet, the last Bourbon of France, guillotined a 21th of January in the Place of the Revolution of Paris.

As he got off the carriage, the king removed his jacket, opened his linen shirt, and pulled the scarf from his neck. Some guards tried to tie his hands, Luis refuse indignantly: “You shall do as you have commanded, but you shall never bind me!”

The guards helped him up the steps of the to reach the scaffold. The executioner cut off his ponytail and managed to tie his hands. The king asked if the drums will redouble during his execution, making a gesture of turning to address some words to the people of France. The executioner stop him, the king adressed the town on his back:

“People, I die innocent of the crimes from which I am accused and I forgive those who kill me! May my blood never fall upon France!


Sputtering-Jorge Isla

On the other hand, have I written some time about my friend Luis Leroy, the French painter and engraver who achieved success as a journalist and CRITICAL ART? However, it is possible that a foolish psychiatrist who meditate with Scientology and Mindfulness books may say the opposite, that my friend Leroy was an unhappy, cruel and frustrated guy.

I admit that he was a frustrated but clever human being. The inventor of the term IMPRESSIONISM. An expression, impression, used in his satirical criticism of 1874 when he wrote about the Salon of independent artists in Paris and the work of Monet, Impression. Rising Sun.

“Impression, he said, of that there is no doubt. I just wonder that, since I was impressed, there should be some impression on the play. ”

Luis Leroy dixit.

Separador 0000003

P.D: Cheer up, beloved! Is prohibited to complain!

Don’t worry artist! Maybe next year someone may design something brilliant. Keep in mind that Art Critics are always wrong, even the best.


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