ARCO Madrid 2017: mi Kitsch Kitchen was there…

Bianco Cafe & Bakery, Palma, March 3, 2017

A triviality,


It is a fact that an Art Fair, is the worst place in the world to enjoy art. Too many people, constant distractions, the noise and the bad lighting are not the ideal surroundings to relax.

But what can we do? Fairs and Auctions are the places where the trading of art works takes place. These events are a must to perform the most common acts in the art world: To buy and to sell.

Dear followers, no point to complain, the wish to own valuable objects, is as old and necessary as it is the existence of men.
Even thought, mi Kitsch Kitchen, keeps wondering, are these events capable of attracting a well informed and cultivated public or just ephemeral social meetings, to have a drink and take some selfies?

Mi Kitsch Kitchen team came to the conclusion that to try to see every thing an Modern Art Fair offers is almost impossible.

Has any follower ever tried to dedicate a whole morning to visit the Louvre, on a romantic three days trip to Paris?
To take a look at the permanent collection of the Prado Museum, taking the opportunity of the present of two tickets to see the King Lion in Madrid?
To spend several hours queuing at the Hermitage, surrounded by numerous Japanese tourist, during a one day stop of a cruise?
So, my Kitsch Kitchen decides to concentrate in the “must”, avoiding the superfluous.

The AUDEMARS PIGUET price goes to Elena Bajo.
A fibre, plastic and concrete sculpture with a 3D video an headphones. The name of the work is rather complicated, “Entangled in a vanishing (dying) star”

All very anarchic, conceptual and metaphysical.
Of course the price is handed in the VIP area of the Fair, among Swiss watches and Ruinart champagne.


Audemars Piguet PRIZE 2017


The architect Norman Foster, spoke of how wonderful would be to integrate Art in Architecture. His speech was great and I also discovered that he is a friend of Richard Long, the author of Five Paths, situated in the Parc de las Estaciones in Palma.

The architect Norman Foster and Carlos Urroz, the director of ARCO Madrid

The NH Collection price goes to the sculpture by the Berlin artist Claudia Weiser, it will be placed in the roof of the NH Collection Calderon de Barcelona. I mean the sculpture, of course!
The piece granted the price is a black and golden totem, the rest is overdone decoration.

Acham Hellman, the editor of Mi Kitsch Kitchen, thinks is showy, do not take him into account, he is unable to tell a Meissen porcelain from one bought in the Chinese shop round the corner.

NH Collection prize 2017

Hermann Nitsch is present in the Marc Straus gallery. His work may seem a bit gore, even bloody, but Acham Hellman, loves it as do galleries and museums around the world, the MOMA, the Guggenheim and the Tate in London.

A work by Hermann Nitsch

I also had a look at the Triumph of Nautilus, a painting of Dali, signed and dated in 1941, in the lower right corner of the picture.

A small size painting that belonged to Vera Zorina, a Hollywood actress and dancer of not great talent but with a good eye for art. At her death, the painting appeared in 2003 at Christie’s, Nueva York and was sold for 165,000 euros.

In 2017 is for sale in ARCO for a mere 1,400,000 euros. A trifle.

The Triumph of Nautilus is the allegory of the crossing of the Atlantic sea by Gala and Dali when traveling to New York to meet Walt Disney.
Nautilus is the ship of Nemo, Julio Verne’s pacifist captain of a mysterious island. There are to feminine figures at both sides of the composition, holding sales blown by the wind. The red velvet passe-partout and the elaborated frame enhance the effect.

The triumph of Nautilus, Dali, 1941

The presentation of the book by Hans Ulrisch Obris was cancelled due to the illness of the famous art curator.

Also in ARCO Madrid, there are two vases by Ai Weiwei, belonging to the Han Dynasty and dated between 206 B.C. and 220 D.C.
Very old valuable pieces!
Are they not too simple for the Han Dynasty? You may think. Yes, they are, but Ai Weiwei works widely on them in 2014, covering them with car paint. I know dear follower a ready made taken to the extreme.
The Chinese artist makes his sculptures with luxury items, that have already been created and are ready to be used.

You may wonder what does he pretend by doing this?

To deprive them of the EXCLUSIVITY concept. An act that should rise in the espectator the following question:
What is the meaning of the act of the artist in the work of art?

Two vases by Ai Weiwei

Thank goodnes somebody hangs a DIPTIC by Simon Edmondson, two paintings that seem very strange among so many absurd concepts and aneccessary noise.
But who is Simon Edmonson? You may ask.

For mi Kitsch Kitchen one of the jewels not to miss of ARCO 2017.
An artist with a degree in Arts from London and New York, who studies deeply the great artists of the Baroque.
A very strange colleague who roots his work in Tiziano, Velázquez and Goya.
Dear followers, Simon Edmondson is one of the most important artists of the world.

Diptic by Simon Edmondson

P.S: Mi Kitsch Kitchen apologizes to the forgotten and ignored but please understand that with such small staff, we can not be everywhere.

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