My Kitsch Kitchen, Palma, March 10, 2017

A triviality,


On March 8th., half of the world, more or less, celebrates woman´s day.

The other half word is far from celebrating it, right now, في الوقت الحالي, at this precise moment, and it have been so, for a long time. They are different civilizations, and different rhythms.

Beloved, there’s still half a world that love botox, and half a world with plastic tits, and half a world with the Kardashian ass, and half a world wearing make up on the beach, and half a world listening to Paris Hilton’s nonsenses, and half a world doing selfish with their nose in a kiss position, who runs to the cinemas in order not to miss the last bullshit of the four chessy woman who are practicing Sex in the City, and make long lines to learn the BDSM practices of a very simpleton lady, with more than fifty shades, in love with an imbecile, arrogant, overbearing and abusive millionaire and dreams of living a hyper fantastic romance like the foolish girl in love with the dominating blood sucker.


On March 8th, that it´s the same to say International Women’s Day, they inaugurated in the Cultural Center of the Miseriocordia of Palma the exhibition L’anima de l’invisible.

Seven artists.

Arantxa Boyero, Astrid Colomar, Las Taradas (Mariema Soler and Marta Fuertes), Laura Marte, Marta Pujades and Olimpia Velasco.

All women. All artists. All free thinkers.

The curator of the exhibition is Georgina Sas, another woman.

In total they are Eight. The number of luck in China which is hiding in the star of Solomon, and the infinity resting too.

Arantxa Boyero is the most ENERGETIC. This artist presents a  video mini-technique called Sexy Chakras. A Hindu and Mindfulness installation, recommended for all the guys who come running without meditating at home.

Astrid Colomar is the JOKER. You see, this morning, the international woman’s day, it was workable. Mi Kitsch Kitchen discovered several white DIN-A4 stuck on the fence of a housing development under construction OMS 45. It was dawning and a group of brickies were removing the fence to enter the site, in order to work while they were observed hallucinated by a white paper with the word WHORE written in capital letters. They do not understand anything, but I did. Is it not fascinating?

Las Taradas, Mariema Soler and Marta Fuertes are the NUTS. Serving Face is a super fun review of the make-up tutorials published by social networks. The Before and After the make-up or how the hell become a Kardashian.

Laura Marte is the most SERIOUS. The formal and responsible proposal. Zerosetze. An installation that transports to the Misericordia Cultural Center the abused women Telephone attention service.

Marta Pujades is the most VOCALIST, the one who designs the pink mouth, and the word. The artist is the winner of the Ciutat de Palma Award 2016. Congratulations!

Olympia Velasco is the most EROTIC, the artist who combines photography, video and crochet. A giant vagina. The desire that transforms man into excessive, chaotic and capricious.

Another feminist speech? You will ask.

Of Course The international Women´s day? Of course. Super feminist. It’s the logic, isn´t it? Dear followers, do not be so lazy and visit this exhibition. Seriously, sometimes it’s better not to go to the movies.

P.D: Mi Kitsch Kitchen loved the catalog. Congratulations girls. Great shot!


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