Mi Kitsch Kitchen, Palma, March 24th, 2017

A triviality,


The artistic concept of artist-celebrity appeared in the 60’s in New York when Jasper Johns, James Rosenquist and Roy Lichtenstein were promoted by the dealers Leo Castelli, Betty Parsons and Charles Egan.

Three heavyweights from the Art Market without whom we are unable to understand Contemporary Art. Betty Parsons was the woman, a female, the great defender of abstract expressionism from her gallery in Manhattan, between 15 and 57. A place formerly occupied by gallery owner Mortimer Brant, the dealer who offered Mark Rothko his first solitary exhibition.


Batty Parsons inaugurated her New York gallery in 1946 with the “Northwest Coast Indian Painting” by Barnett Newman and Toni Smith. Barnett Newman was a philosopher, writer and art critic, and one of the painters representing the Color Field.

And this is where mi kitsch kitchen wanted to get to, precisely, the fields of color being exhibited at present by the Mallorcan artist Mateu Bauzá at Pep Llabrés-Art Contemporani gallery in Palma.

Color Fields are characterized mainly by composing wide surfaces or “fields” of smooth and solid color. The artist extends the color on a canvas and creates areas of uniform surface. Color is the protagonist of the work.

Dear followers, Mateu Bauzà’s work is a great display of Abstract Expressionism and Color Field. You should not miss it.


Mateu Bauza´s Color Fields at Pep Llabres Contemporary Art Gallery

On the other hand,

What qualities should a work of art have?

For mi Kitsch Kitchen, THREE.

Express, touch and provoke by itself without the need for the author to bore us with their unintelligible conceptual rolls about “all my personal goals.” Although, at other times, understanding a work of art will require a long and extensive learning, usually related to culture, society and history.

Dear followers, you have to study the great masters, it is the only way.

Imagen PicMonkey-2

A Graffiti appeared overnight in Brussels, on the side of a facade opposite the Molenbeek neighborhood, the epicenter of Jihadism in Europe.

Of course, the Belgian authorities want to erase it quickly. Settle it.It turns out very, very, very un-PC, right?

It was a good thing that someone had given the alarm and informs them, in time, that it was a magnificent drawing inspired by The sacrifice of Isaac by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio.

Do you remember that painting? A biblical scene in which God demands Abraham to sacrifice his firstborn son as proof of his faith. You see! A super old anecdote that confirms a fascinating fact: people always existed, exist and will exist with a worrying lack of sense of humor. It was a good thing that my old friend knew how to react in time and send an angel to stop the decapitation! And is it not strange that the most important observance of the Muslims, the Eid al-Adha, the celebration of the sacrifice, commemorates precisely this passage of the bible?

Dear followers, what do you think? Is ART expressive, touching and provocative?

P.S:  Acham Hellman says that Caravaggio thought that nature should be painted without hesitation, as we see it, without worrying about whether the viewer thought it beautiful or ugly. The artist, he said, is obliged to transmit what he wants, and not what others want him to transmit.

Unbelievable! For the first time in the history of art an artist is capable of capturing the very moment when pain is produced. Great shot!

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