Vaumar Cafe 1957, Sa Pobla, April 5th, 2017

A triviality,


Roland Fisher exposes his work Architecture and Consciousness in Pelaires Gallery of Palma.

This German photographer is a top of the World of ART, the first in the 80’s to realize an artistic project of photographic portraits of monumental size, and the first to photograph facades, cathedrals, palaces, refugees, nuns, monks and Chinese; its themes are related to Humanity, and to the places where it lives.

Mi Kitsch Kitchen recommends visiting his website to see his Chieses pool portraits, female faces of overwhelming beauty with intensely clear, striking and clean blue backgrounds. However, he does not bring portraits to Palma, a pitty, but naked bodies floating weightless in immense architectural spaces, it is super ELEGANT.

Beloved, the visit to this exhibition is a must, and an overwhelmingly COOL and elegantly TRENDY proposal to perform on a Saturday morning.


The team of Mi Kitsch Kitchen is in luck, Mario Huaman Salazar, the tortured writer, has been selected to participate in an American reality show.

8 multidisciplinary artists will compete for 8 weeks, in rigorous direct, for a New York gallery, super media and important, to try to get an individual exhibition. The spectators of the reality show, heterogeneous and plural, formed by 240 colleagues of the east coast, 480 of the west coast and FOROCOCHES (an important Spanish influencer Team) will have the responsibility of eliminating an artist every week. The jury that will choose the winner is a Wall Street Broker divorced from a Sicilian porn star, a ghost of graffiti painter friend of Andy Warhol who died in strange circumstances after taking an overdose of Chupa Chups and a Super Art Curator, CLEVER and SMART, who knows it from all.

Our mate, Mario Huamán Salazar wants to intertextualize the entire work of Miguel de Cervantes in a 25.73 m2 loft space painted in bubble gum pink, near the Hudson River, with the BIC red pen bought last week in a super fashion stationery shop on the Palma Avenues.

P.S: The editor of mi Kitsch Kitchen, Acham Hellman, will move to New York to follow the reality show and to give media support to our mate.

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