Mi Kitsch Kitchen, Palma, 24 th April 2017.

A triviality,

Earlier this month Mi Kitsch Kitchen visited the abstract expressionists exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, American Colleagues, New York School, I want to write.

Hans Hofmann, Robert Motherwell, Joan Mitchell, Helen Frankenthaler, Jackson Pollock, Mark Tobey Parnassus, Conrad Mark Relli, Barnett Newman, Joan Mitchel, Ad Reinhardt

Yes, dear followers, they are all there.

Until June 4th, 2017, any human who wants to experience a bump of abstraction or maybe, get a Little irritated, could easily accomplished either of them by visiting the American Heirs of the European avant-garde in the Guggenheim Bilbao.

And also, by the way, you could greet the museum mascot, Puppy, the unclassifiable West Highland White Terrier by Jeff Koons. A huge dog-shaped Steel structure located at the entrance of the museum and covered with natural plants that are being replaced as they stop blooming(which was just what happens the morning that the boss of Mi Kitsch Kitchen visited the museum).

Dear Ffollowers, Puppy´s Jeff Koons is to the Guggebheim of Bilbao as the Little dwarf of the garden is to the villa of the Son Vida urbanitations. An aberration.

Mi Kitsch Kitchen will never stop wondering what the hell Frank O.Gehry, the famous American architect, winner of the Pritzker architecture, would think of thos nosy pet.


And until July 17th they are projecting the work (Untitled) Human mask by Pierre Huyghe.
At the Film & Video room of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. A French artist who represented his country, France, at the Venice Biennale of 2001, and won a special jury prize, which plays with technological experiments, and has some video installations quite “weird”.
This year he presents a 19-minute film showing an abandoned city that has been devastated by a Tsunami that has destroyed a nuclear power plant. For 19 minutes, long, eternal, extensive, soporific, we hear a female voice, rather impersonal and anodyne, resonate somewhere in the abandoned city warning the population of an impending catastrophe. Meanwhile, inside a building, a simian figure disguised with a school uniform, wig and Kabuki mask, wanders aimlessly more and more agitated.
A disguised animal that imitates human behavior. Everything is Super Strange and Mega Distressing.
And what the hell would anyone think of such an argument? You will ask.
In the world wide web there are several videos of a Japanese restaurant that maintains a pair of trained monkeys working of waiters. Yat-Chan and Fuku-Chan are monkeys, and the waiters at Izakaya Kayabuki, a restaurant located in the north of Tokyo. Dear followers, it seems that Japanese laws allow animals to work up to two hours a day. A guarantee that the owner of the restaurant, a human, takes great advantage of disguising his employees, the monkeys, in uniform, a wig and a woman’s mask while serving the dishes and drinks to the diners. A service that may be somewhat shocking to a Western mindset but is tremendously trendy for an Oriental mindset. The idea of ​​this Japanese restaurant in Japan has a funny success, I even read that the owner is training three new baby monkeys to expand his business.
Then, is this video a criticism of the working conditions of the monkeys in Japan? A metaphor for what we were once and we can become again? Or a personal search on the origin of nightmares after 19 days and 500 nights without sleep after a complicated love break? Or a way to remind EVERYONE that the reactors of Fukushima nuclear power plant continue pouring shit into the Pacific Ocean?

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