57 Biennale di Venezia: Russian Pavilion


Mi Kitsch Kitchen, Palma, June 22nd 2017

A triviality,


The Russians, the beloved Eastern mates…

What could I write about the Russians that the world does not already know? Who were the parents of modern design? Who invented advertising? Who implanted Soviet constructivism in the modern era? Who would enhance handicrafts to unimaginable limits? Who eliminated hedonism in Art? Who erased Lord Byron’s poetry? And Pushkin, Tyutchev and Aleksandrovich Blok.

I recognize that the Russian pavilion is amazing this year. And I can´t understand how in May they did not won the golden lion. If there is a pavilion inside the Giardini that deserves a prize, it is Russia.

Inside Russian Pavillion

As it always happens in these Biennials, countries show to the world their ideas and concepts, some choose to issue political messages, others to offer shows by super acclaimed artists and most to teach panoramic views super happy and good vibes. Having said all this, we should not forget that the Biennial is a super important competition that awards a very prestigious price, the golden lion. All participating countries want to win the prize, well, everyone except Spain, that  goes its own way. Why do we want a prize if we are different?

Of Course, Russia is different too, but they have a little bit difference: Eastern colleagues want to win the prize (you could check this statement by watching some recent Eurovision Festival). The Russians think about ART a lot, and that beloved, hardworking and creative being , in these times, it is a precious commodity that MI KITSCH KITCHEN thanks a lot.

Link to the video installation og Grisha Bruskin

Semyon Mikhaylovsky, the curator of the Russian pavilion, adopted a Solomonic decision this year: to show the world three generations of Russian artists, three versions of different aesthetics, Grisha Bruskin, a 70-year-old artist with a well-established international career, The Recycle Group, two young artists super acclaimed in the art world and Sasha Pirogova, another young artist less known but with a rather interesting work. All wrapped up in the music of Dmitry Kuryandky, a composer who designs super creative distortions with classical music. And if we add that the Russian Pavilion was built by the architect Alexey Shchusev before the Soviet Revolution, and it is Neo-Russian Tsarist style, the artistic concept they emit to MI KITSCH KITCHEN is:

“We want ART  to return, let’s face the barbarians.

Russia shows the world the talent of its artists thanks to a tremendously effective combination of new technologies, video, sculpture, music and movement.

An absolutely shocking THEATRUM ORBIS.

Great work, mates!

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