WOW!The Art-Nouveau of Ramón Casas is in Palma

WOW! The Art-Nouveau of Ramón Casas is in Palma

MY KITSCH KITCHEN, Palma, July 14 th, 2017

A triviality,

Dear follower,

Caixa Forum Palma has just inaugurated the exhibition “The Desired modernity” on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the birth of the Spanish painter Ramón Casas i Carbó.

From July 6th to October 22nd we can contemplate in the exhibition halls of the Gran Hotel, one of the best exponents of the modernization of Catalan painting. A standard bearer of naturalism who introduce in Spain together with his friend Santiago Rusiñol, the formal and thematic innovations necessary to break with the academicism of the time. The work of Ramón Casas landed on the island with canvasses of Toulouse-Loutrec, Picasso, Santiago Rusiñol, Joaquín Sorolla or Julio Romero de Torres.

Bull ring, 1890, oil and canvas–Ramón Casas i Carbó.
Bull ring, 1890, oil and canvas–Ramón Casas i Carbó

This exhibition is an entertaining XIX century social chronicle through the eyes of an exceptional draftsman. Picturesque motifs, Spanish topics, majas and bullfighters are mixed with other historical and more obscure themes such as El Garrote Vil or the procession of the Corpus of the church of Santa Maria.

Ramón Casas and Santiago Rusiñol were the promoters of the Els Quatre Gats, a famous brewery located on Montesió street, in Barcelona. A cultural, bohemian and alternative establishment similar to the Parisian Cabaret Le Chat Noir, that served them to experiment a new forms of artistic communication such as the poster. The image of the woman was a main motif in the work of Ramón Casas. He teaches us a modern, emancipated and active woman who liked sports activities and reading.

Cartel publicitario de Quatre Gats.
Poster Els Quatre Gats by Ramón Casas i Carbó

One of the most valued paintings is “La Sargantain” the portrait of Julia Peraire made in 1908 that represents the image of a beautiful woman with  tensed factions because of some sexual violence, and that takes force with the black eyes in which the uncontrolled fever still glows. The arms grab the chair with anger, and the yellow clothes, could be a sheet, highlights a soft and brown skin. Julia was the painter’s lover. Dear follower, contemplating this painting could leave your breathless. It is infinitely beautiful and tremendously sensual.

La Sargantain, 1908, oil and canvas–Ramón Casas i Carbó. @Photographer: MJBennassar

P.S: We are in summer, a circumstance that allows us to go on holidays, only 50% of the MY KITSCH KITCHEN team, because the other half must  remain in the kitchen.

FOC-TEA went to hunt vampires to  Sierra de Gredos, Acham Hellman went to check what the barbarians left us in Palmira, Mario Huamán Salazar had a row with his girlfriend and he does not want to give up his bed and José Luis is taking advantage, that no one looks at him, to paint doodles in his Second Life.

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