Damien Hirst: Treasures from the wreck of the Unbelievable: second part

MY KITSCH KITCHEN, Palma, August 29th, 2017
A triviality

Who the hell is Damien Hirst? Why in hell is MI KITSCH KITCHEN giving him so much attention?
Dear reader, he is the richest living artist in the UK. And the most important discovery of the artcoholic Charles Saatchi.
And the most important member of the YBAs, Young British Artist. Damien Hirst is the mate of Tracy Emin, the artist who has no idea of how to draw, and the Chapman brothers, the guys who painted 83 original Goya prints and the rest were lost our words.
Fifteen-year-old British enjoy provoking and shocking.

Aspect of Katie Ishtar Yo-Landi. Bronze and gold leaf. Bronce y revestimiento de oro. 164,5 x 90,9 x 66,6 cm.

Damien Hirst became super-famous in the 1990s by introducing a four-meter-long white shark, captured in Australia, into a huge crystal urn filled with formaldehyde, The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living. A weird geek concept that must be amazing for the conceptual world because it always melts while they listen.

In May 2017 the artist, entrepreneur and important art collector had wanted to surprise the rest of the planet with the exhibition Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable, taking advantage that while the cat’s away, the mice will play and the famous biennial of contemporary art is in the city of canals until November.
An extravagance.
A super fun show for anyone who had read The Mysterious Island or In Search of the Castaways by Julio Verne.
The story of a treasure rescued from the bottom of the sea that had cost a whopping of a pound sterling. A mound of Carrara marbles, jades, lapis lazuli, malachite, precious stones, semiprecious stones, gold and silver.
A lot of master pieces of lost civilizations lost, and others that are still to be discovered.

Unknown Pharaon. Blue granito, gold amo white agote. Faraón desconocido. Granito azul, oro y ágata blanca.

Among the pieces we find an unknown pharaoh that looks like Pharell William, an American rapper who owns a clothing store called Billionaire Boys Club, a bronze bust that looks like Kate Moss, the British supermodel who once went to a nightclub in Berlin, The Watergate, in state of drunkenness and after leaving the place lost the extensions of hair, and a reproduction in 3D that looks like the Medusa of the Caravaggio, although for the great public is the symbol of Versace.
In short,
The typical British joke that Stuckism world thinks, looks like an April Fool´s joke and some critics like art for a post-truth world.

El coleccionista con un amigo. Bronce. 185,5 x 123,5 x 73 cm.

–The ticket is quite expensive, 18 euros, said La Jefa entering in the kitchen with the shopping bag.
–Darling, considering that you can access a beautiful palace covered with white marble and a center of contemporary art that was the old customs building in Venice, and you use a full day to browse them, and there are a lots of pieces of ancient civilizations, and several documentaries that show you the rescue as National Geographic, and you have a great time, it is a bargain, don´t you think?-answered the editor of MY KITSCH KITCHEN scratching his right horn while opening the red folder of pending affairs.
–How much does a Eurodisney ticket cost?”-La Jefa asked putting the lemons in the fridge.

Bust of the Collector. Bronze. 81 x 65 x 36,5 cm.

Even the name of the freedman is a joke, an anagram.
This summer MI KITSCH KITCHEN spent time trying to solve the mystery hidden behind CIF AMONTAN II. The editor affirms that it means FAT MONICA and the exorcist, that if you add the value of the letters you get the number 43, year of the foundation of Londinium.
The CEO, Jose Luis, made a bet in a paper and pasted it with a magnet in the refrigerator. We will see who wins!

Damien Hirst had given a slap to the Stuckism movement, figuratively, of course, and designed an unbelievable artistic concept with Leonardo da Vinci style drawings and Michelangelo style sculptures.

“It’s very easy to say, ‘I could have done that,’ after someone’s done it. But I did it. You did not. It didn´t not exist until I did it. ”
Damien Hirst dixit.

Damien Hirst exhibits in Venice 194 pieces divided between the Palace Grassi and the Punta della Dogana; both buildings owned by French billionaire François Pinault.

Dear reader, a single artist had been able to expose a tremendous mockery in the heart of the most important contemporary art fair. A show that can provoke deep intellectual questions about what is reality, illusion, historical fact, myth, skepticism or faith in someone.
But do not worry about it, it’s just a theme park. What did you expect?


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