WOW! Who the hell is William Kentridge?

Alcalá de Henares, November 17th, 2017

A triviality


–JEFAAAA! Where are we going this morning? –The editor asked picking up the iPad from the closet drawer.
–To The Reina Sofía Museum– La Jefa answered putting on a white turtleneck sweater- to visit the exhibition of the South African artist who has seduced the jury of the Princess of Asturias Award for the Arts this year.

Sin Título. Untitle. (Serie colonial Landscapes) 1995-1996 Carboncillo y pastel sobre papel. Charcoal and pastel on paper Colección particular. Particular Collection

Dear reader, what could I tell you about the Princess of Asturias Award for the Arts 2017? That William Kentdrige is a super known artist for his collages, drawings, prints and animated paintings? Who graduated in Political Science and African Studies and was trained in Fine Arts in Johannesburg and in theater and mime in Paris? that he has been able to create his own imagery based on recontextualizing the African continent and colonialism? that he is hugely respected for his strong ethical involvement?
Well…no! Because that roll is super mega boring.

MI KITSCH KITCHEN prefers to be more superficial and to read the art critic Tomaso Tomatini to learn that when Kentridge was a just a teenager with acne somebody told him:
-Hey, buddy! To succeed as an artist you have to choose between drawing, sculpture, cinema or theater.

Dibujos para Lulu, 2012-2015. Drawing to Lulu. Tinta india sobre páginas del diccionarioo Shorter Oxford sobre principios históricos. India Ink on pages of Shorter Oxford. Cortesía del artista y de Marian Goodman Gallery, NY

-Fortunately he did not follow the advise! –The editor exclaims taking pictures of Kentridge works with her iPad- because he is the hidden needle of the haystack. A “total artist”. A man of the Renaissance.

P.D: We also visited Las Bovedas del Reina Sofia, the basements.
An exhibition space that was used as an asylum, nursinghome and prison. The museum security guards avoid it like the plague. You know, because the ghosts, spirits and all that… although, suddenly a super friendly one appeared to confirm that Felipe II’s doctor was buried under our feet.
–Batuadell!- exclaims the editor making a tremendous leap–this place reminds me of the gloomy catacombs of Rome!
Two open rooms, one vaulted and the other with a dome. A cold, humid and dark environment. A space that is only open to the public in super special occasions, when an artist requests it to exhibit his work
Until February 26th will be David Bestué with “Rosi Amor”. An expo that will be unforgettable for some people, the museum’s security guards.

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