What’s MI KITSCH KITCHEN ? those who manage to get here, may wonder?

Another fast food blog? The blog of an Italian monster? A sale of Chinese fakes? A Green & Pink Political Party? A cultural good vibes? A sweets Majorcan factory?

MI KITSCH KITCHEN is a blog of Art and LifeStyle, and Trivialities that happen throughout the World Wide Web, that talks about Palma, Fora Vila (the rest of the island) and the other side of the Pond.

A blog designed and invented by María Julia Bennassar with the help of the infernal publisher Acham Hellman, the underground reporter José Luis, the tormented writer Mario Huaman Salazar and the Italian exorcist Foc-Tea.

A dangerously explosive cocktail for those who suffer heart problems and feel dreaded in presence of Ghosts.

MI KITSCH KITCHEN is published weekly in Spanish, although some times it also does it in English, becouse the publisher Acham Hellman is stuck in communicating with the neighbors of the Brexit and becouse this Team thinks is very COOL and TRENDY writing in the language of Shakespeare, two reasons quite illogical, in any case.

Anyway, do you dare to follow the project of Mi Kitsch Kitchen and read the ocurrences of this team?

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In the end, if you choose to pass you could…

Are you sure? Becouse it is a fun blog , and it’s free, and as I said at the beginning of the speech, since you’ve managed to get here and find us…